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Residential Construction

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The process for residential construction involves expansion, renovation or development of a dwelling space intended to be occupied for residential purposes. Whether developing a new home or remodeling, we offer building and engineering for rental spaces, condominiums, multi-million dollar mansions, and single-family housing projects. For a property owner seeking to enhance their real estate investments, we can help create a more valuable space and produce a residence as per your needs.

Residential Engineering

•Accessory Dwelling Units (ADU)

•Extra small home on property (tax benefits, rentals, AirBNB)

•New Construction

•Full remodel

•Underground wet utilities

What are the factors to consider with Residential construction?

Location – Choose a spot that suits your lifestyle. Make sure the area is safe and flood free.
2. Budget – Think about what you can afford and get professional advice. Do your research on materials of high quality versus quantity. Meaning not all high priced items are the best quality.
3. Architectural Designing and Planning – Consider a builder with experience and a good record of delivering quality construction. 
4. Construction Materials – Think about the materials used for construction and how they are required or beneficial for your location.
5. Zoning and Permits – Securing permits is a requirement when constructing a house. When building or remodeling your home, you may have to contact and receive proper permits from your local government. You may also have to plan compliance with your local zoning regulations.
6. Time Frame – It is important to have a realistic timeline for your project so you can avoid delays and stay on track. This can save you time and costs.

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